Pull Out Test Apparatus is a system for accurately and efficiently monitoring pull test on bolts and anchors to determine an appropriate length and type of fixing of rock bolt.

The Pull Out Apparatus of PMT consists of portable hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder (RAM), cylinder frame and reaction plate, magnet stand attached with dial gauge. PMT has developed Short Encapsulation Testing Machine to meet industry requirement. The Short Encapsulation Pull Test is performed underground to measure the performance of the roof bolting system.

Portable Pump
– Type: Portable
– Max. Pressure: 700kg/cm
– Pressure meter rating: 1000kg/cm
Oil Pressure hose: Neoprene rubber (DGMS approved)
Cylinder (RAM) Stroke: 63mm (or as per requirement)
Cylinder & Reaction Plate: S45C processed by machine
Resolution of dial gauge: 0.01mm

Junction Box allows instrument leads to be grouped in one convenient location, providing a quick and easy means of taking readings.

The Junction Cum Switch box of PMT consists of terminal block, connector, rotary switch and enclosure. The enclosure is water and moisture proof. The Junction box is used to terminate four core cables with maximum 10/12 sensors from the site at a convenient safe location and connect to a multi core cable through which data may be transferred to the control room / data logger/Data acquisition system or computer. Different options of cable glands may be used depending upon the type of cable.

Enclosure: IP65 (Water proof & moisture proof)
No. of channel: 10/12 sensors