Our in-house manufacturing facility produces one of the most innovative range of Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Monitoring Instruments, backed with strong Design and Innovation team with support of state of art Labrotary and Calibration set up. We take pride in extensive and fundamental knowledge of sensors, data logging geotechnical systems, telemetry and web data monitoring systems, which allows us to provide the finest sensors and after-sales services. Our technical team includes Structural engineers, Geologist, geotechnical experts, architects, developers, etc. to assist in mitigating risks and uncertainties pre and post-construction. Our unique strength of inhouse manufacturing and team of experts assists in providing total one stop solution to our clients.
We Design, Manufacture, Provide, Install, Monitor, Analyze and Interpret wide range of instruments for Geotechnical, Geophysical, Geospatial, Structural Health Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Structural and safety analysis, etc. for Roads, Railways, Hydro Power Projects, Underground Mines, Caverns, Tunnels, Bridges, Foundations, LPG Storage, Dams, etc. including other civil engineering domains.


We offer variety of engineering consultancy services in the field of Civil Engineering. Our team of professionals provide client-based engineering design solutions which covers various domains including underground works, surface transport, E&M to list a few. We have expertise in preparation of feasibility studies, preparation of detailed project report, detailed design and design support during construction, construction management and supervision covering Electromechanical sector for buildings, bridges, dams, roads and tunnels. Our core strength lies in instrumentation of infrasrtructure domains above. We also focus on Structural Health Assessment & Retrofitting analysis for commercial and industrial buildings.
In our consulting services for Structural Health Monitoring, our solutions can, in controlled way, with small investments, significantly increase infrastructure lifetime. We deploy comprehensive expertise to analyze the performance of a structure both during the construction and over the life of the structure. In so doing, actual performance can be compared with predicted performance and, in the event of any unforeseen (dangerous) conditions, allow remedial measures to be taken in a timely manner. Depending on the structure in question, systems may be simple or complex, but generally, each one is automated to allow real-time assessments to be carried out.
Our Integrated solutions combine our Instruments, Dataloggers, and Application Software's with wired and wireless technology to provide Artificial Intelligence Enabled Internet of Things (IoT). It makes us capable to provide solution to problems throughout the life cycle of an Infrastructure.
The solution uses a complete portfolio of technologies, platforms and professional services for the digitization of projects in general, structural monitoring (both static and dynamic) and the detection – over time – of the health of the project itself, for the management of operations and any maintenance activities.
By combining design data with field-based information through advanced technologies, non-destructive testing, and the use of powerful IoT platforms, the solution enables you to process and manage a large amount of different data and enable advanced monitoring and integrated process management. It helps in Security of infrastructures, prevention of damage to people and structures. Comprehensive and accurate best in class technologies, IoT platforms and advanced algorithms allow an overview of the behaviour of the infrastructure over time. Digitization of monitoring processes the solution and allows the collection, normalization and representation of data from different sensors, instruments, sub- systems, sites and localizations. All information is available in a single database accessible via the web in a special reserved area. Continuous tracking and monitoring of the health status of the infrastructure for comparative analysis. Integrated operations management: an advanced platform allows the management of planning, accounting and recording activities to support the improvement of the project. Prevention and timely intervention: integration of an overall system that links readings and trends that present criticality or exceed threshold values, thus becoming a fundamental tool to support decision.

The Main Functionalities of Digital Solutions is:
  • - Project data acquisition
  • - Non-destructive testing and visual analysis
  • - Design and positioning of sensors for operational modal analysis
  • - Dynamic monitoring and operational modal analysis (OMA)
  • - Monitoring, periodic tracking and field survey
  • - Integrated monitoring